luminess hair removal device

Winter is the golden age of laser hair removal!

  1. Winter depilation treatment is better

The growth cycle of hair is divided into three stages: growth period, resting period and degenerative period. As for the growth cycle of hair itself, the growth cycle of hair in different parts is different. Generally, satisfactory hair removal effect is achieved after 3-6 times. Start treatment in winter and wait until summer to achieve the best effect.

When others are busy worrying about their hair, you can wear suspenders and short skirts at will, show smooth and beautiful muscles at will, and envy others!

  1. The concealment of hair removal in winter is the best

The interval of hair removal treatment is 4-6 weeks. In order to ensure the best treatment effect, you can’t scrape or pull out the new hair during the course of treatment, so as not to stimulate the activity of hair follicles.

Choose winter for hair removal, wear more clothes, and the treatment part is covered by clothes. There is no need to worry about the discovery of hair growth.

  1. The hair removal effect is better in winter

The effect of depilation is related to the thickness, density, location, coloring degree and energy of hair.

In winter, the skin is whiter than that in summer. Under the condition of ensuring the safety of the epidermis, the energy of laser hair removal treatment can be higher than that in summer, so it will also achieve better results.

  1. Better hair removal and recovery in winter

The weather is hot in summer, and the skin perspires and produces more oil. If the care after depilation is improper, folliculitis may occur.

This kind of adverse reaction is less in winter, which has little impact on the normal repair of depilated skin, and the depilation effect is easy to achieve the best.

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