Will super ice depilation affect perspiration? Does super ice depilation have side effects

The pain of super ice depilation is relatively low, which is deeply welcomed and loved by all female friends. Depilation is a thing that women struggle for all their life. The weight of body hair really affects beauty, especially for girls. Many people will do super ice depilation. Will super ice depilation affect the perspiration of the skin? Does super ice depilation have side effects?

Will super ice depilation affect perspiration on the skin

Super ice depilation acts on the melanin in the hair follicle, and our hair follicle and sweat gland are two independent tissues. There are almost no melanocytes in the sweat gland, so the melanocytes will not directly absorb the energy of light and destroy the sweat gland. In addition, there is a certain distance between hair follicles and sweat glands, and the heat in hair follicles will not affect sweat glands.

Does super ice depilation have side effects

Under the standard operation of professional doctors, the side effects of authentic super ice hair removal instrument are relatively low. This is because the energy density of super ice depilation is low, and there is a combined pulse of continuous preheating and heating, which provides a guarantee for the safe depilation of beauty seekers.

Super ice depilation recognizes regular institutions and instruments, and the pain is lower

The pain caused by super ice hair removal treatment is relatively weak, but the premise is to find a professional doctor in a reliable medical institution and treat with an authentic super ice hair removal instrument. If the ladies and sisters are looking for a beauty shop on the street or a private studio to do super ice hair removal, the effect of super ice hair removal can not be guaranteed. Because the super ice depilation publicized by informal channels is not the real super ice depilation, and the operators have not received professional training. In the process of treatment, it will not only cause strong pain to the beauty seeker because of the food adjusted by parameters, but also cause erythema edema, pigment change, scar and other symptoms on the skin of the beauty seeker.

Here, I would like to remind you that Amy’s little sister, it’s better to choose the instrument of Israel feidun company, which first developed super ice hair removal technology, to remove hair. Before treatment, we need to investigate whether the hair removal institution is a formal authorized institution of Israel feidun, find a reliable professional doctor, fully communicate with the doctor, and then conduct face-to-face diagnosis and treatment of hair removal after leaving no doubt in mind.

Super ice depilation can also improve skin texture

Super ice depilation technology can also improve the skin quality, because in the process of depilation, 810nm wavelength laser will act on the skin dermis at the same time. After the dermal tissue is damaged, it will immediately start the self-healing mechanism. This will stimulate the continuous reorganization and regeneration of collagen and elastic fibers, so it will improve the skin quality while depilating.