Will freezing point depilation grow again? Why does freezing point depilation grow again? How many times will freezing point hair removal not grow again?

Without cooling down, the problem of freezing point depilation will not be broken. Every year, many people ask, why did you still grow hair after experiencing freezing point depilation last time? How can we make it not long?

Will freezing point depilation grow again

After freezing point depilation, it will grow again. There are two main reasons. One is that small fluff will be left after freezing point depilation; The second is the freezing point depilation, which can not remove all hair at one time. It needs depilation for many times to not grow.

Why does freezing point depilation grow again

Freezing point depilation only plays an important role in hair growth. During freezing point depilation, only 90% of the hair visible to the naked eye is damaged, and we still have non growing hair. These hair also need depilation treatment when entering the growth period, so as to avoid hair growing again after depilation.

After depilation at freezing point, small hairs will be left

This is mainly because human hair follicles have strong repair and regeneration ability. Hair follicles damaged by freezing point energy may continue to grow hair, or they may still grow fine hair after several years (like soft and fine hair on baby skin).

Freezing point hair removal several times will not grow again

Under normal circumstances, freezing point depilation needs to be done 4-6 times, and the interval between each freezing point depilation should be 30-45 days as far as possible, which is determined according to the growth cycle of hair follicle, so as to have a better depilation effect. The specific number of times of freezing point depilation depends on the number and location of individual hair. Generally, for areas with dense hair such as lip hair, individuals need to depilate 7 or more times, so that the hair will not grow at a faster speed.

This can not completely avoid the long-term lack of hair after freezing point depilation, because our body’s own repair ability is different. Some people will grow small hair three or four years after freezing point depilation, but there is no need to continue freezing point depilation at this time, because the hair color is light and soft, which does not affect the overall beauty. It is not necessary to do freezing point depilation again.

Choose advanced instruments to depilate for many times

In order to reduce the regeneration after freezing point depilation, in addition to going to the regular skin management center to find a professional skin manager for freezing point depilation, we also need to choose advanced depilation instruments as far as possible, so that the probability of hair regeneration can be appropriately reduced.