Will depilation affect sweating? What depilation method is good?

Every June and July is a popular season for hair removal. Graduates who have just participated in the college entrance examination often want to welcome college life. Many of them were brought by their mothers with their daughters. One year, a mother and daughter came. Their daughter was anxious to cry and said she didn’t want to be a kiwi girl.

Who knows, her mother roared, “don’t depilate. After depilation, your skin can’t sweat. How can you live?”

In fact, it’s very simple. Let her daughter show her mother her palm. Although the palm has no hair, it still sweats, especially when she’s nervous.


Depilation does not affect sweating

Hair follicle ≠ sweat gland

After depilation, it only inhibits the hair follicle, and it is only the hair structure in the hair follicle. In fact, the hair follicle is still there, but it becomes smaller. It has nothing to do with our sweat glands, where to sweat or where to sweat.

What depilation method is good?

Laser hair removal, let’s see why laser hair removal?

The principle of laser hair removal is the selective photothermal theory. Hair follicles and hair are rich in melanin. The darker the material (melanin) absorbs light energy, it will produce more heat, and the temperature will rise sharply, resulting in the destruction of the surrounding hair follicle tissue and the removal of hair.

Laser depilation (strong light depilation) can not permanently depilate, but greatly reduce hair growth, or make the hair that continues to grow thinner and thinner. Considering that there are also some side effects (although it will return to normal after a period of time), just let it go. Another point is that the hair removal instrument is operated by people after all, and the experience level of doctors is very important. Therefore, it is very important to choose a professional hospital and a more qualified doctor, which can avoid some unnecessary skin damage.