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Why is it painful to do freezing point depilation? The principle of freezing point depilation process

When it comes to freezing point depilation, everyone should be familiar with it. Freezing point depilation is a high-tech depilation technology. Freezing point depilation can achieve a painless, comfortable and fast depilation experience, which is deeply welcomed and loved by everyone. Why is it painful to do freezing point depilation? Principle of freezing point depilation process.

Why is it painful to do freezing point depilation

The normal freezing point depilation pain caused by operator error is very light. If you feel pain during and after freezing point depilation, one of the reasons is caused by operator error. Each freezing point depilation instrument has a corresponding energy design. If the operator is not a doctor, but an unqualified person who works after a few months of simple training, then the corresponding settings under different conditions of freezing point depilation are unfamiliar. Once the energy is turned on too much, it will lead to a strong sense of pain during freezing point depilation.

The freezing point depilation instrument is not formal, informal or pirated. If the freezing point depilation instrument is applied to the freezing point depilation treatment, it will also lead to the patient’s strong pain. After all, the genuine freezing point depilation instrument has the core cooling technology. Its second laser pulse can easily raise the hair follicle temperature to about 45 degrees. Because the temperature is not high, ordinary people will not feel very pain, but will make people feel warm.

Principle of freezing point depilation process

Freezing point depilation is the general term of laser depilation and freezing point photon depilation. On the basis of laser depilation and photon depilation, freezing point depilation increases the contact cooling head and reduces the hot feeling during depilation. The principle of freezing point depilation uses the influence of the concentrated beam emitted by the laser on the hair follicle to play the depilation role. The hair follicle absorbs the energy of the laser and metabolizes the hair, so it has the effect of depilation for a long time. Freezing point depilation can protect the skin from burns and improve comfort. Generally speaking, there is no danger of freezing point hair removal. Sunscreen needs to be strengthened after operation, otherwise it is easy to cause melanin precipitation and form color spots.

Freezing point depilation process

Step 1: After simple hair removal, apply special emulsion for laser hair removal. The simple hair removal process is also called “skin preparation” in the mouth of professionals. It is mainly to remove the most basic surface hair, so that the laser can effectively act on the root of hair.

The second step: apply the special gel for hair removal. This can reduce intraoperative pain and protect the skin from burns. Smear up the feeling of cool Bing Bing, a lot of beauty people said that smeared with ice point depilation gel is more comfortable.

Step 3: start laser freezing point hair removal. Depilation takes 30-90 minutes, and the treatment time is determined according to the growth degree of each person’s hair.

Step 4: wipe the latex and apply anti-inflammatory ointment. The ointment used to assist the freezing point depilator can no longer be used. After wiping the latex, the skin will appear smooth.

Who is suitable for freezing point depilation

Freezing point depilation is most suitable for people with light skin color and deep hair. The treatment scope is locked in “dark pigment”. If your skin color is deep, the laser will destroy the skin pigment and cause white spots or black spots, which often takes several months to recover gradually. Therefore, people with dark skin color are not suitable for freezing point depilation. If you must use freezing point depilation, you must communicate with the doctor and consider it clearly. In addition, doctors with rich experience in laser operation should be selected before freezing point depilation; After operation, careful maintenance and strict sunscreen should be carried out, so as to avoid long spots on the depilated part affected by ultraviolet rays.