What side effects does laser depilation have?

Laser hair removal is to emit a certain wavelength of laser through the laser instrument, penetrate the skin to reach the position of the hair follicle, and act on the root of the hair follicle to absorb energy and be damaged. Damaged hair follicle roots cause hair to fall off and cannot regenerate new hair because of tissue atrophy. However, laser hair removal is only effective for hair in the growth period with rich melanin content, but has little effect on hair in the degenerative or resting period.

Generally, laser hair removal will not produce side effects, but if you do not pay attention to nursing after operation, it will have a small impact. After depilation, the depilated part may produce slight redness, swelling, skin sensitivity, heat or itching. If you feel pain, apply ice to reduce the pain. And because the energy used by photon therapy technology is small, the occurrence of side effects is very rare. Slight redness of the treatment site may occur, but such reactions usually disappear within a few hours.

Laser hair removal is a hair removal method with less pain among all hair removal methods. Most patients just feel “bounced by a rubber band”. In addition to less pain, it also has the advantages of quick effect and low cost.

It should be noted that laser hair removal can only stabilize the number of hair regeneration in the treatment area at a lower level than before for a long time after the treatment (about 3-5 years), but it can not be completely eradicated. In addition, the degree and amount of hair loss vary from person to person – some people can achieve satisfactory results quickly, while others need more treatment times than conventional cases.

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