What should we pay attention to after freezing point depilation? Freezing point depilation is not suitable for people

Depilation should be familiar to everyone. Depilation is something many friends often do. Going to a beauty salon for depilation is a very popular way of depilation. Freezing point depilation is fast, convenient and effective. What should we pay attention to after freezing point depilation? Freezing point depilation is not suitable for people.

What should I pay attention to after freezing point depilation

Sunscreen is very important

Please strengthen the sun protection work after six months of hair removal, and apply the sunscreen lotion recommended by the doctor to the affected part to reduce the sun’s exposure. Because the skin after hair removal is very fragile, it is easy to receive UV stimulation, form skin damage and increase the possibility of long spots on the body. Therefore, it is better to protect the skin from the waist after the hair is unhairing.

Pay attention to hygiene

Do not wear underwear with too deep staining or unclean, because the skin after depilation is easy to be stimulated. If it is the subject of freezing point depilation with large pores, it is also easy to be affected by pigment, produce pigment precipitation and blacken the skin. Therefore, after freezing point depilation, you must pay attention to the cleanness of clothes and skin.

Choose low irritants for skin care

Pay attention to the use of skin care products after freezing point depilation. This is because the skin loses its hair, resists external pollution and bacteria, and becomes more fragile than before, and is more sensitive to external stimuli. Therefore, beauty lovers should avoid using cleaning products or skin care products that are more irritating to the skin as much as possible when cleaning their bodies after freezing point depilation. It is recommended that beauty lovers after freezing point depilation choose low irritation Skin care products and cleaning products with weak pH value.

The depilated part should be cleaned with warm water

Pay attention not to scald and scrub the frozen point depilation part with hot water, because the cuticle is easy to be stimulated without the protection of hair. If you wash it with hot water at a higher temperature, it will hurt the cuticle. Therefore, it is best to clean the frozen point depilation part with warm water that is not hot or cold.

Freezing point depilation is not suitable for people with dark skin color

Freezing point depilation is not suitable for people with too deep skin color. Because people with deep skin color do freezing point depilation, the laser will destroy the skin pigment and cause white spots or black spots. Such spots are caused by pigment deposition and are particularly difficult to recover. Therefore, freezing point depilation is not suitable for people with deep skin color.

Will freezing point depilation affect body perspiration

Freezing point depilation will not affect perspiration, because hair follicles and sweat glands are two relatively independent tissues. Freezing point depilation destroys hair follicles and makes hair no longer grow. The laser energy of freezing point depilation can only be absorbed by melanin in hair follicles. There are almost no melanin cells in sweat glands, so they will not directly absorb the energy of light and destroy sweat glands, which will affect the sweat discharged by sweat glands to cool the body. Therefore, freezing point depilation will not affect the body’s perspiration.

No sunscreen and easy to leave spots after freezing point hair removal

The laser of freezing point hair removal may damage the skin pigment, resulting in white spots and black spots. Although freezing point depilation can achieve perfect depilation, beauty seekers should not take postoperative care lightly, because the skin after freezing point depilation loses the cover of hair and is more likely to be over exposed under ultraviolet light, resulting in melanin deposition, skin color transformation or long spots.