What should be noticed after laser whitening

Laser whitening is a more effective whitening project, laser whitening if you want to have the effect is to do many times, keep the time is relatively long, then how to care after laser whitening.

How to nurse after laser whitenin

1.Immediate postoperative cold compress relief: postoperative discomfort can be alleviated. Generally, postoperative cold compress mask or ice bag can be used for 30 minutes to relieve discomfort.

2, strengthen sunscreen: after the operation of our sunscreen way can not be ignored, a little attention to sunscreen can cause the skin black. After the operation, cap, cover umbrella and other cover facial avoid body parts, to prevent skin pigment deposition, three days after the operation can be smeared with medical anti-sun cream, smear 15-30 minutes in advance when going out, 2-3 hours of repeated smearing at the same time play sunshade or wear a wide hat.

3, skin care: it is forbidden to do skin cleaning after surgery. After surgery, the skin needs to re-form its own protection mechanism, that is, we often say that three days can not be wet. In the choice of skin cleaning, choose skin care products without additives that may cause irritation. Prohibit the use of oil, grinding, fruit acid, deep purification and other functions of skin care products, these easy to weaken the cuticle cause sensitive skin.

What should notice after laser is beautiful white

1. The diet should avoid alcohol, avoid eating spicy food and food that is easy to cause allergies, the diet should be light, can eat more food rich in vitamins.

  1. Do not use functional cosmetics within 3 days after laser whitening treatment, otherwise it is easy to leave pigmentation.
  2. Postoperative skin is easy to dry, so we must pay attention to moisturizing the skin.
  3. Avoid sun exposure after laser whitening, and use sunscreen and isolation cream according to light conditions when going out.

5.Avoid the treatment site by other additional stimulation, one month after treatment should avoid other beauty projects.

Is laser whitening really good

The effect of laser whitening is good, it can whiten the skin by decomposes the pigment. This method is a non-invasive technology, so it has no risk and is easy to accept. Generally, five treatments are required for a course of treatment, and the skin needs natural absorption and new treatment.

Can laser whitening rebound

Laser wrinkle removal, whitening and freckle removal will not rebound. Because the laser only acts on the pigment particles, will not cause any damage to the tissue around the epidermis, so the laser whitening freckle removal effect is very good, can completely better remove all kinds of pigment and vascular plaque on the face. Laser wrinkle removal and whitening belong to the high-tech laser plastic beauty field. Advanced laser instruments penetrate the skin with a specific spectrum. The laser can selectively target pigment cells in the skin without damaging normal skin tissue.