What are the precautions for laser hair removal?

Generally, hair has its growth cycle, including growth period, degradation period and rest period. Laser hair removal is mainly aimed at the hair in the growth period, but generally speaking, the hair state of the human body coexists in three growth cycles, so the whole course of laser hair removal needs to be treated for 3 ~ 5 times. After the treatment, the hair removal effect can be sustained for a long time. The hair that grows again is smaller, lighter in color and sparse in density than the original hair.

Definition of permanent depilation

In order to remove 80-90% of the hair, about 20% of the hair will not shrink. The remaining hair follicles will grow thinner and softer due to laser treatment, and the hair density will gradually decrease, but it will not grow forever.

After laser hair removal, even hair follicles are killed. Is this permanent hair removal?

In fact, our hair removal is “progressive hair removal“. Because our human body has the ability to regenerate, our body may regenerate new hair follicles, but the growing hair belongs to hair such as small hair.

Laser hair removal technology

It is a new non stripping quasi contact medical beauty technology. This technology applies uniform laser technology to irradiate the skin to achieve the effect of hair removal. It outputs laser with specific wavelength, which can penetrate the skin and be preferentially absorbed by blood vessels and melanin tissue, so as to solidify the capillaries affecting the beauty of the skin and decompose pigment groups. At the same time, it can also stimulate the reorganization and proliferation of collagen tissue, so as to restore skin elasticity. In order to effectively remove hair, it is necessary to destroy the tissue that makes it grow. Sufficient energy must reach the hair follicle before it can solidify this area, so as to obtain the maximum efficiency. The energy of light can effectively destroy the growth cycle of hair, keep the effective period of hair removal longer and achieve the effect of permanent hair removal.

Time and times of depilation:

According to the different hair growth cycle of each person, the course of treatment (growth period, rest period and rest period) must go through 3 ~ 5 times, and the interval of each treatment is 4 ~ 6 weeks.

Which parts are suitable for hair removal:

Hand hair, foot hair, drooping beard, armpit hair, chest hair, back hair, straight eyebrow, bikini “step down” edge hair.

Who is not suitable for hair removal:

Patients and pregnant women with polycystic ovary and hirsutism.

Precautions before hair removal:

  1. Do not remove hair before laser hair removal, and those with folliculitis cannot be treated;
  2. Pregnant women should not accept hair removal;
  3. Stop taking light sensitive drugs within half a year;
  4. After laser hair removal, it can be maintained with home care products to achieve a smoother skin effect;
  5. You can touch water after treatment, but please avoid forced friction;
  6. After depilation, you can go out in the sun normally, but excessive exposure is strictly prohibited;
  7. Do not use or accept other methods to remove or pluck hair before depilation;
  8. Please wear loose clothes on the day of depilation. Those who want to remove armpit hair should wear fine shoulder or sleeveless clothes, and please clean the depilation part first;
  9. Please be sure to follow the follow-up time of the treatment course in order to achieve the best effect.

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