What are the general advantages of laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is now a relatively common method of hair removal. Many women who love beauty have chosen this operation. It can help you remove excess hair and restore beauty and confidence. Moreover, the effect of this operation is relatively good and very lasting, so it has been welcomed by many people.

The long-term method of axillary hair removal can be laser hair removal, which uses the principle of “selective photothermal effect” of laser. A laser adjusted to a specific wavelength passes through the epidermis and directly irradiates the hair follicle. Melanin of hair follicle and hair stem selectively absorbs light energy, and the thermal effect causes hair follicle necrosis and hair will no longer grow. This depilation method is painless and does not damage the surrounding skin. The process is simple and fast.

What are the advantages of laser hair removal for axillary hair removal? The laser hair removal time is short, and daily activities and physical exercise can be carried out after operation without special care; It has the advantages of fast, less pain, lasting effect and no damage to the epidermis. Laser hair removal technology is applicable to all parts of the body, upper and lower limbs, large and small legs, chest, abdomen, armpits, hairline, face, bikini line and other parts. Its safety has also passed the certification of FDA. It proves that laser hair removal technology itself is harmless to human body.

The application of wide spectrum technology provides a soft non interventional therapy. The special band strong pulse light emitted by it can penetrate the skin and reach the deep part of the hair follicle, so as to rapidly increase the temperature of the hair follicle until coagulation and necrosis, so as to maintain the effect of removing hair for a long time

Laser hair removal technology has been certified to maintain the effect of long-term hair removal after several treatments. The specific times of treatment are related to many factors such as skin and hair type Laser hair removal generally takes three to five times, and some people even more, because the hair growth cycle has three stages: growth period, degenerative period and resting period. Only the hair in the growth period can be effectively removed The hair of these three growth cycles exist at the same time, so it must be treated several times to achieve more complete hair removal Autumn is the season with weak ultraviolet rays. It is easy for beauty seekers to sunscreen after operation After laser hair removal treatment in autumn and winter, we can completely remove excess body hair. When the next summer comes, we can rest assured to wear cool summer clothes

Having body hair on your body is not an embarrassing thing, and you don’t have to be too shy. If you want to remove body hair, there are many good methods for you to choose from. Laser hair removal is one of them. This technology is recognized by the state, so you can rest assured that you can choose. I hope laser hair removal can help you restore beauty.