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The interval time of freezing point depilation is the best interval frequency of freezing point depilation

Body hair is grown by each of us. Everyone’s hair growth density and length are different. Too strong body hair affects beauty, especially girls. It’s very embarrassing to expose arms and legs in summer. Freezing point depilation is a very common way of depilation, so here’s the Xiaobian of No. 5 network; Let’s introduce the interval time of freezing point depilation and the best interval frequency of freezing point depilation.

Interval time of freezing point depilation

The interval of freezing point depilation can be one month. The first freezing point depilation can not completely remove the body hair, because freezing point depilation will only target the hair follicles in the growth period and has no effect on the small hair in the degenerative and static periods. Therefore, the first depilation will leave very short and shallow small villi. The laser will work only after the hair turns into the growth period, and one month is when the small villi in the stationary period are long. At this time, the use of laser freezing point depilation will work. If you want to completely remove the villi on your body, it’s best to use freezing point depilation many times according to your own hair situation.

It will grow again after depilation at freezing point

Whether the hair will grow after freezing point depilation is related to the hair growth density, color and the proportion of hair follicles in non growth period. If the hair itself is heavy or the hair growth speed is fast, coupled with the powerful hair follicle regeneration function of the human body, the hair is easy to grow again.

Hair growth has three cycles: growth period, transition period and dormancy period. The best effect can be achieved only by freezing point depilation during the growth period, because during the growth period, the hair follicle is the most vulnerable, and the pigment particles produced in the hair follicle can fully absorb the external action of thermal energy.

If the operation itself is not completely removed during freezing point depilation, it is mainly because the hair in dormant period is not effectively removed. This kind of hair will grow again, but the hair that grows out is relatively thin and soft and not obvious. The time of growing out varies from person to person, ranging from a few months to a few years.

Precautions for super freezing point hair removal

Pay attention to the gentle moisturizing and repairing barrier. In order to ensure the depilation effect of super freezing point depilation, it is necessary to moisturize with a mild body milk with barrier repairing function. Because the skin is active after depilation, the barrier function of the skin decreases and needs to be repaired for a period of time.

Avoid strenuous exercise. Due to the excessive accumulation of sodium chloride, calcium carbonate and other salts in human sweat, these acid-base components will destroy the tissue cells of the skin, resulting in sweat rash, folliculitis, eczema, boils, prickly heat, etc. Therefore, in order to ensure the safety and effect of super freezing point hair removal, it is best to avoid strenuous exercise.

Avoid eating spicy food. After super freezing depilation, it’s best to avoid spicy food. Because spicy food is irritant, it may cause the body to sweat, resulting in discomfort in the treatment area.

Principle of freezing point depilation

The principle of freezing point depilation is to make use of the influence of the concentrated light beam emitted by the laser on the hair follicle, so that the hair follicle is damaged to a certain extent, so that the hair follicle can not regenerate and grow new hair. Freezing point depilation generally will not adversely affect the tissues around the hair follicle, because the laser energy can only be absorbed by the melanin in the hair follicle of the body hair, so that it loses nutrients, resulting in apoptosis. The energy of freezing point depilation will not have any impact on the skin around the hair follicle. In addition, before freezing point depilation, special freezing point depilation cream will be applied to protect the periphery of hair follicles. However, freezing point depilation cannot remove all body hair at one time. Generally, it needs to treat the treatment site for many times to achieve the effect of removing all hair.