The best period of permanent depilation in autumn and winter

In life, it is common for beauty loving women to remove body hair from their arms or legs with a hair scraper. It can be seen that excessive hair growth is not necessarily a good thing. At least it has brought trouble to female friends in terms of beauty, so they more hope to find a way to permanently depilate. On the best time for hair removal, let’s listen to the views of experts below.

It is believed that women with too much body hair will have such an experience. After removing too much body hair every time, they will grow again and again. It can be seen that hair overdevelopment is also a very annoying thing. Therefore, if there is a way to achieve permanent hair removal, which is safe and reliable, it is what they most want to see.

According to experts, most positions on the human surface have hair, 600 hairs / cm2 on the face, 60 hairs / cm2 on the body, and an average of 70000 hairs on the head. The body hair is fine and soft, which is called filiform hair, and the thinnest is 0.005mm; Hair, eyelashes, eyebrows, axillary hair, chest hair, beard, nose hair and hair of limbs are thicker, up to 0.6mm

Hair is also alive and metabolized. The hair on the epidermis can be divided into growth period, degenerative period and resting period. About 100 normal hairs fall off every day, and new hairs grow and supplement. The hair is cylindrical, and the center is the hair pulp, in which there are melanocytes. Melanin makes the hair black. Hair is divided into hair stem and hair follicle. Dry hair dew is on the surface of the skin and hair follicles are deep in the epidermis. The swollen part below is called the dermal papilla, and the central part is called the hair ball, which is the basis for hair renewal and growth.

Does depilation affect the human body?

Heavy body hair is a manifestation of strong male hormone secretion, which belongs to the second sexual sign of the human body. Some human hair is too heavy or women’s desire for beauty needs hair removal. Hair has only decorative effects on the skin (such as hair), and there are no other excessive physiological functions. Therefore, from the perspective of depilation itself, it has no adverse effect on human skin, and there is no need to worry too much.

According to the structure of sweat hair, to have a good hair removal effect, we should not only remove the root of hair, but also destroy the dermal papilla to prevent it from growing new hair.

Why is autumn and winter suitable for depilation?

Experts said that after permanent depilation, although there is no redness and swelling of the skin, we should pay attention to prevent hot water washing and sunlight exposure in recent days after depilation. If you make the decision of permanent hair removal in summer, the higher outdoor temperature and high-intensity ultraviolet light will make your skin sweat a lot and affect the normal recovery of your skin.

The best time for depilation surgery is in autumn and winter. In this way, after three to four months of photon hair removal treatment, you won’t worry about excess hair in summer! In addition, after each photon hair removal treatment, there will be slight redness and swelling around the skin pores. It is required not to wash with water on the day of treatment, and pay attention to sunscreen after operation. Treatment in autumn and winter can easily avoid washing, sun and other problems.

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