Talk about laser hair removal. What is laser hair removal

In fact, for us, hair is a basic modification, but in addition to hair, for girls, hair in other parts has become a “burden”. However, because hair exists in three special periods, hair follicles will be damaged and hair will disappear after laser surgery, but there are also cases of false death (the stationary period is very long). After years, hair will appear, Therefore, it is necessary to cooperate with “weimeidun” nutrition after laser surgery to retain youth for a longer time, not only in the sense, because mastering skin balance requires sharp tools, and simple collagen and recovery time cannot be the enemy.

Principle of laser hair removal;

Laser depilation depends on the melanin of hair follicles to absorb light energy, so as to destroy hair follicles. The melanin of the skin will disperse energy. The darker the skin color, the more dispersed it may also hurt the skin. In spring, the melanin in the skin is relatively low all year round. You may say ha ha, I just depilate. How does it have anything to do with the skin color? Can blacks depilate? Yes, blacks really can’t depilate with laser. There’s no way. It’s really related. At the same time, the laser needs to be equipped with “human like peptide” to awaken the body’s recovery function. You can’t help but believe this evil.

Will laser hair removal affect sweat glands?

Why mention sweat glands? Because how close is the relationship between hair and sweat glands? Because how can beautiful women have a smelly smell? I’m sorry not to mention it, but my brothers also do their own things. Laser hair removal is only for hair follicles. Is it too worried, there will be no nepotism, and there will be no impact on the surrounding skin and its appendages. Ha ha, so it won’t cause problems such as increased sweating and axillary sniffing, but please even supplement “human like peptide” to help the rapid recovery of underlying tissues.

Why should laser depilation be done several times?

I didn’t write this. I don’t have that ability, because I can’t do it without knowledge. Wuwuwuwu is determined according to the growth cycle of hair. The growth cycle of hair is divided into growth period, quiescent period and shedding period. Each depilation only works on the growing hair, so it takes many times to destroy most of the hair follicles. The laser cooperates with the internal and external combination of “human like peptide” to interact.

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