What season is best for microneedles and what age group is best?

  Rf microneedling Everyone should have heard of it. Microneedling is a common type of medical and aesthetic projects. The use of microneedles can effectively help us solve some skin problems. So in what seasons does microneedle recover faster?

  What season is the best fractional rf microneedle machine?

  The best time to do microneedles is usually in spring or autumn, because the temperature in these two seasons is more suitable, the wound recovers faster, and there is usually no sweating, and there are not many bacteria, so the probability of severe inflammation of the wound is relatively small. Safety and effectiveness are also relatively guaranteed.

  What age is the best microneedle rf machine?

  Microneedle surgery is regardless of age. Microneedle skin rejuvenation refers to the use of microneedle equipment to break through the beauty-conscious skin absorption barrier, and quickly, accurately, and evenly deliver cosmetic agents to the parts that need improvement, so as to achieve the purpose of treatment or skin rejuvenation.

  Rf fractional micro needle

  1. Prohibited during pregnancy, breastfeeding, and menstruation.

  2. People who are allergic to protein and metals should use it with caution.

  3. Disabled when the allergic state is particularly severe.

  4. Severe heart attack, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, poor coagulation mechanism, nervous system disorders, scar hyperplastic skin, etc. should be used with caution.

  What are the side effects of fractional rf microneedle?

  1. Pain: First of all, the most direct side effect caused by microneedle beauty is pain, because microneedle beauty itself is a therapy that uses microneedles to make holes in the skin to make the skin repair itself. Fortunately, the pain at the end of this microneedle can be tolerated by beauty lovers.

  2. Mild bleeding: The microneedles used in the microneedle cosmetic treatment can damage the skin, so the skin will have minor bleeding side effects due to these damages.

  3. Scabs: After microneedle treatment, some beauty lovers with fragile skin will have scabs. This is a normal process of skin repairing wounds, but not every subject will have it.

  4. Burning sensation: Microneedle beauty generally produces a burning sensation when radio frequency treatment is used. This is because radio frequency energy heats the skin, so friends who love beauty will feel hot after finishing microneedling.

  5. Erythema: Some people who love beauty will have the side effect of facial erythema after microneedling. In fact, this is mainly related to the poor beauty of microneedles. If the microneedles stay on the same part of the face for too long, it may cause deeper skin damage and erythema.

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