Precautions you need to know before depilation

Summer has arrived. It’s exciting to think about it. It’s a time of white flowers and long legs. However, some girls are secretly sighing All this is due to one word: Mao! Hairy girl, it’s really hard in summer. How to relieve worries? Only depilation!

Precautions you need to know before depilation

It is not recommended to take off the hair on the other side of the perineum. The hair of the perineum can cushion against external impact or friction. If you’re worried about wearing a swimsuit, you can take off the hair on the outer edge of the bikini area.


For places with moles and tattoos, optical depilation cannot be done, and there will be a risk of burns. Little partners with tattoo needs suggest that you get Maomao first and then tattoo.

Do a good job in sunscreen before and after optical hair removal, and do not expose to the sun.

If you have skin problems, such as eczema or trauma, it is recommended to slow down the hair removal first.

There are so many ways of depilation. You can choose after knowing the advantages and disadvantages

Once you know the precautions for hair removal, you can officially start hair removal.

There are five “forces” in the hair removal Jianghu: razor, hair removal cream, hair removal wax, laser hair removal and household hair removal instrument. They have their own advantages and disadvantages.

The shaving knife has the advantages of convenient operation, low price and immediate effect. It is loved by many girls. Unfortunately, it can only cure symptoms and cannot deal with hair follicles. After shaving, the hair will grow out quickly, and the new hair is easy to prick. If the technique is not good, the skin may be scratched.

The depilatory cream is easy to operate and does not hurt. It is very smooth after depilation. But it can’t destroy hair follicles. It can only deal with the hair on the surface of the skin. For some people with sensitive skin, it may be.

Depilation honey wax is very smooth after depilation, and it can also pull out some hair roots. But the price is pain. Improper follow-up treatment is also easy to cause folliculitis. If the temperature is not well controlled, the skin may be scalded.

Laser hair removal uses the melanin in hair (including hair stem and hair follicle) to selectively absorb the energy of laser, so that the heat can reach the nipple along the hair stem and destroy it. When the dermal papilla is destroyed, the nutritional supply for hair growth is gone, and naturally it will not grow any longer. It’s just expensive! Take it off once and you’ll have to eat dirt. Privacy is not that good. The depilation effect is long-lasting, the price is acceptable, and strong pulsed light depilation has a certain skin rejuvenation effect. Take off the black hair and look as if the skin is still white.