Medical hairdressing – freezing point

On the occasion of spring and summer every year, some girls who love beauty are happy and anxious. What they are happy about is that when summer comes, they can wear clothes and skirts that show their graceful and concave convex figure; Anxious is the bare hair on the legs and armpits. When grasping the handrail on the bus and subway, it is exposed and embarrassing. The medical cosmetology department of Ditan hospital has a kind of freezing point hair removal, which can solve this problem. Please see the introduction of Dr. Wu Yan, chief physician of medical cosmetology department:

What is freezing point depilation?

  1. Principle of laser hair removal

Freezing point depilation is actually a kind of laser depilation. Laser hair removal is based on the selectivity of laser and the principle of photothermal action. With a laser with a suitable wavelength, such as a laser of about 800 nm, it can penetrate into the hair follicle and hair stem. The local melanin absorbs the laser with a good wavelength. After absorbing a large amount of laser, it will generate heat, which will be transmitted to the surrounding hair follicle structure through the melanin of hair stem, resulting in the destruction of hair follicle, so as to inhibit the growth of hair stem, This is the principle of laser hair removal.

  1. It won’t burn the skin

Freezing point depilation is a new method of laser depilation. It uses some technologies to quickly reduce the local temperature of the skin while depilating. Because the heat in the local part of laser hair removal is very painful and has obvious pain. In the case of rapid freezing, it will significantly reduce the pain of patients. Freezing point depilation can basically reduce the temperature of the laser head to about 3 degrees and 4 degrees. In addition to freezing point depilation, there is super ice depilation. Its temperature is lower, which can be reduced to minus 3 degrees to 4 degrees, and its pain will be more mild. Through this new technology, the technology of local rapid cooling is combined with the selective photothermal effect of laser, which is freezing point depilation.

What are the advantages of freezing point depilation compared with traditional depilation

We know that there are many hair removal methods. In the past, some people used wax to remove hair. Pour the liquid on the part and pull it hard after contraction. This method is relatively simple and rough. It may also lead to local hair follicle damage, inflammation and so on. It is easy to be infected, and the pain is also obvious. However, compared with some traditional hair removal methods, other technologies of freezing point hair removal and laser hair removal have better effect, less pain, and last a long time after hair removal. The overall comfort is also very good, so they are very mainstream hair removal methods at present.

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