Ice laser hair removal makes you more confident

Heavy body hair will make people lose self-confidence. Many women even dare not lift people because of too much hair. Experts recommend that the most suitable method for girls’ hair removal is ice laser hair removal.

If you depilate with a razor, the hair will still grow over a period of time; If you use depilatory cream, it will cause skin damage accidentally; If depilated by depilation, it is also easy to cause infection, scar formation or coloring. The depilation method without destroying the hair follicle is easy to make the hair grow longer and thicker than the original under stimulation, and one hair follicle pore may grow two or three hairs at the same time, which will be thicker than the original state.

Hairiness, which brings trouble to girls, mostly belongs to general physical hairiness, not hairiness. Hirsutism generally refers to the excessive growth of hair in some parts, which has a male tendency.

At present, the most suitable method for girls to depilate is ice laser depilation. It uses the selective photopyrolysis principle of laser to destroy hair follicles, avoid damage to surrounding tissues, and achieve the effect of removing hair at the same time.

For ice laser hair removal, it should be noted that the hair removal part should be sunscreen one week before treatment and two weeks after treatment; Two weeks before treatment, do not do depilation, “depilation cream” depilation and electrolytic depilation. Careful maintenance and strict sunscreen should be carried out after operation.

At the same time, depilation is not suitable for everyone, and some parts are not suitable for depilation. For example, diabetic patients, scurvy patients (microfilament vascular emergence), skin disease patients are not suitable for hair removal. In addition, the parts with thin skin, varicose veins, acne and wound are not suitable for depilation.

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