I have two things to tell you about laser hair removal

Comparison of technology leadership and depilation efficiency

  1. Laser wavelength:

The wavelength of optical fiber semiconductor hair removal laser and traditional semiconductor hair removal laser is 810nm hair removal gold standard wavelength, so they all follow all the characteristics of 810nm wavelength laser.

810nm wavelength is mainly absorbed by melanin in hair follicles to minimize the absorption of hemoglobin and water. The hair removal effect is no different from the laser itself.

  1. Energy output:

In addition to the wavelength, another factor affecting the hair removal effect is the laser output energy.

Traditional semiconductor lasers on the market, because the laser adopts a collective chip structure, the chip emits a lot of heat when working, while the water cooling system can only use micron channels, resulting in the low power of these traditional semiconductor lasers.

GSD’s iris 810nm semiconductor hair removal laser adopts double engine refrigeration and imported laser, which improves the heat dissipation of the laser and optimizes the energy output control. The output power of the laser is increased by 3 ~ 4 times compared with the traditional semiconductor equipment.

At the same time, GSD fiber semiconductor hair removal laser optimizes the laser into multiple chip schemes and places it in the equipment cabinet instead of in the hair removal hand.

The water cooling channel is expanded, and the chip heat dissipation and cooling is smoother. When the laser outputs higher energy, it is no longer limited by heat dissipation protection. It can obtain higher power conversion, better output energy, more optimized energy control, and more efficient and faster hair removal.

  1. Customer perception comparison

In addition to the above two points, that is, whether the hair can be effectively removed, another focus of the hair removal project is the customer perception, that is, the quality of the refrigeration effect.

As mentioned earlier, the fiber-optic semiconductor hair removal laser adopts the optimized semiconductor laser chip scheme, which disperses and gathers the original integrated laser chips, resulting in larger cooling water capacity, faster heat dissipation of the chip, faster cooling, and better treatment mode of the instrument.

Similarly, the diameter of the water cooling channel becomes larger, and the heat dissipation of the treatment head is faster and more lasting. During hair removal, the effect of epidermal ice muscle is clearer, and the fiber-optic semiconductor hair removal laser makes cool and comfortable hair removal possible.

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