How to depilate? The best depilation effect is achieved by four methods

After entering April and may, the temperature gradually rises. Seeing the alternating seasons of spring and summer, flowers bloom in competition and are particularly beautiful. Short sleeves, dresses, hot pants and bikini are ready to move in the wardrobe and are eager to appear. However, many women will suffer from excessive hair. If they can’t effectively depilate and make their skin smooth and clean, the beauty of women will be greatly reduced. According to the market demand, depilation technology is becoming more and more advanced. There are a variety of depilation methods to choose from, so which methods have better depilation effect?

In terms of the cost and difficulty of using forceps, the original forceps have no advantages in terms of time-consuming and laborious operation. Laser, beeswax, hair remover and women’s shaver are relatively advanced, with good effect and more convenient operation. We mainly introduce these four hair removal methods.

1、 Laser hair removal method: it is divided into medical professional laser hair removal and family laser hair removal instrument. In hospitals and beauty salons, doctors or professionals use laser instruments for hair removal. Generally, it takes several courses of treatment, which can directly destroy hair follicles and completely remove hair; Home laser hair removal instrument is more convenient. Although the effect is not as good as professional laser instrument and requires repeated hair removal, it can be operated at any time and has the advantage of price.

2、 Honey wax depilation method: it belongs to physical depilation and is suitable for large areas. The component of depilation wax is tree wax. When used, it is applied to the skin, covered with cloth, and torn hard to stick off the hair. The advantage is that the hair removal is clean, but the tearing process will produce pain, which is a challenge for women who are afraid of pain.

3、 Depilatory agent: the use of depilatory agent belongs to chemical depilation. The use of chemical agents to dissolve hair is very convenient and fast, and there is no pain. However, it should be noted that the chemical paste is irritating to the skin. People with sensitive skin should be careful to choose, and the parts with skin wounds should not be used.

4、 Shaving knife: the women’s shaving knife on the market is small and light, which can perfectly fit the human body curve. It can also easily shave the hair under the armpit or bikini, and it is not limited by the skin type, and there is no hidden danger of allergy. The disadvantage is that it is not suitable for shaving rough stubble on the face and legs, and it is not suitable for shaving hard stubble on the legs.

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