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How many times should permanent depilation be done and how long should permanent depilation be done

Permanent depilation is what many friends want to achieve. Now there are many methods of depilation in society. Yimei depilation surgery has always been welcomed and loved by everyone. Many people want to remove all their body hair. How many times should permanent depilation be done? How long does permanent depilation take?

How many times should permanent depilation be done

Laser permanent hair removal requires 4-6 times. Laser permanent hair removal is one of permanent hair removal. Generally, it needs 4-6 times of hair removal to be effective. If it is some parts with fine hair (such as lips), it may need to be done more times and the treatment cycle will be longer. The reason why permanent depilation needs so many times is that the growth of hair is periodic. Only the hair melanin content in the growth period is high and the depilation effect is good. The hair follicle melanin content in the transition period and static period is low and the depilation effect is poor. Each treatment only acts on the hair in the growing period, so it takes at least 4-6 intermittent treatments to remove all the hair.

Photon permanent hair removal requires 4-6 times. The energy used by photon permanent hair removal is different from that of laser, but it also requires 4-6 times of hair removal treatment to achieve the effect of permanent hair removal. Due to different growth periods of individual hair, different hair density, different colors and different treatment areas, the times of hair removal will be different. A few need more than 6 times of hair removal treatment.

Permanent depilation generally takes 4 months to half a year to see the final effect, because according to the law of hair growth, the interval between permanent depilation is generally 30-45 days, so the final complete depilation takes about half a year.

It is precisely because permanent hair removal generally takes about half a year, so the best treatment time is autumn and winter rather than summer.

Why can freezing point depilation depilate permanently

Freezing point depilation adopts semiconductor laser depilation. Through the specially designed double pulse laser, the laser irradiates on the skin and heats the subcutaneous tissue and hair follicles to achieve the purpose of hair loss. Under a certain temperature, the hair follicle is separated from the stem cells of the skin and gradually necrotic, and finally achieve the effect of removing the hair in the hair follicle during the growth period. Although after several hair removal treatments, freezing point hair removal can achieve the effect of permanent hair removal.

Freezing point depilation why “ice”

From the perspective of experience, the “ice” of freezing point depilation comes from the different warm feeling between freezing point depilation and other laser depilation. Freezing point depilation will use special cream before operation. In the application process, those seeking beauty will feel very cool. Technically speaking, the bald head of freezing point depilation treatment adopts cold touch technology, which will make the skin cool rapidly and depilate painlessly, so as to achieve the effect of combining beauty and comfort. From the experience and technical highlights, they are in line with the characteristics of “ice”, so they are called freezing point depilation.

How does freezing point depilate ache do

First stop the freezing point depilation procedure

If beauty lovers feel strong pain during freezing point depilation, they do not belong to the normal feeling of freezing point depilation, which is likely caused by the poor quality of freezing point depilation machine. If freezing point depilation is very painful, the operator should immediately suspend the procedure of freezing point depilation and find out the real cause of the pain in time, so as to avoid aggravating the pain and increasing the discomfort during depilation.

Then apply reasonable ice

It is abnormal to feel special pain when depilating at freezing point. Generally, it is better to apply ice immediately after stopping depilation procedure. The reason why ice compress is recommended is that ice compress can play a sedative role on the surface of the skin. In addition, it can shrink the dilated blood vessels and prevent subcutaneous hematoma.