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How many times does leg depilation need to be clean? What are the better methods of leg depilation?

When summer comes, it’s time to look at the white and long thighs, which will attract high attention. Therefore, it’s not only the beautiful face that is called the goddess. However, although some people have long legs, their legs are covered with hair, which makes the whole legs look much bleak. Socks must be worn on important occasions, and some people directly wear trousers and long sleeves to cover them. Only when they are embarrassed can they think of depilation.

What are the frequently used hair removal methods?


Depilatory knife

To tell you the truth, this method is more dangerous. If you are not careful, you will scratch and bleed, and the effect of scraping is not very good. Black spots will be left and will grow in a few days.

Hair removal cream

Depilatory cream is a very popular product in summer. Although it is very convenient, it is easy to be allergic to the skin and will grow again after a period of time.

Depilation wax

This method is very painful. It is also easy to loosen the pores and cause folliculitis.

It seems that laser hair removal is an effective way of hair removal

Laser hair removal uses selective light and heat to penetrate the surface of the skin to destroy the melanin contained in hair follicles and hair stems, so as to make the hair lose the ability of regeneration and achieve a lasting hair removal effect without damaging the surrounding tissues. This method is very safe and has no side effects. It takes three to five times in a course of treatment to achieve the effect of depilation and firm and tender skin.

For the first treatment, thick and thick hair can be removed to purify the skin;

The second treatment can remove the soft and new hair and lock the skin moisture;

The third treatment can shrink pores, restore skin elasticity and make the skin with hair removed healthier;

For the fourth treatment, remove the residual broken hair and tighten and tender the skin at the same time;

The fifth treatment can consolidate depilation, remove fine wrinkles and protect skin.