How many times does laser hair removal take? How often? What should we pay attention to?

Chinese new year, yesterday and the day before yesterday, many students have begun to rush home because of the winter vacation; Similarly, many students told my sister that I was going to take a part-time job in the winter vacation and strive to earn thousands of yuan for laser hair removal after the new year; Very good. Aside from the side effects, it’s very inspirational. So today, my sister will send you this article to better understand it, and to be prepared in case.

  1. How many times does laser hair removal take off? How often?

Many people think that laser hair removal can become a bare egg at one time. Hehe, in fact, you think too much. Don’t think of laser hair removal as a divine beast, okay? Good, understand science ~ many people search for answers online, basically 3-5 times, with an interval of one month; Is that so? No, no, No~

You should know that different parts, different physique, hair follicle structure and growth cycle are different. Where hair follicles grow faster, such as axillary hair, it can be removed about 5 times. Where hair follicles are slow? For example, lip hair needs at least 10 times. Why do many plastic surgery institutions or beauty salons give you a 3500 lip hair removal for 7 times? Because they also want to earn your second 3500 yuan, that’s all!

The interval is also determined by the speed of the growth cycle. If the cycle is long, the interval must be longer. It is possible from 1.5 months to 2.5 months. Therefore, you won’t take advantage of going to the beauty salon. If the number of times is more, well, the corresponding side effects must be large. This article will not say this side effect. People with black skin should pay attention to it and be careful to become vitiligo.

  1. Does depilation hurt?

I wonder if you have seen Zhao Wei’s version of “huanzhu gege”?, Mother Rong stabbed crape myrtle with a needle. It was quite sour. The pain from the needle to the meat was unimaginable. People who used it knew that many people were numbed by laser electricity. The laser needle shook once. Basically, there was no urinary incontinence. Ha ha, this is a fact. Including freezing point, but it’s freezing point after all. It’ll be much better, but it’s also painful. Ha ha It doesn’t have much to do with technology. It doesn’t hurt if the energy is low, but it doesn’t work. If it’s high, just scream.

  1. What season is more suitable for depilation?

Laser hair removal has no wound and no recovery period. It can be treated at any time. In theory, it is non seasonal.

But in summer, because there is no clothes to cover, laser hair removal needs many times, so I suggest you choose autumn and winter, so that you can wear summer clothes and show your beauty wantonly in summer.

Note: otherwise, melanin precipitation will make you doubt your life!

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