How many times does laser hair removal need to be done? These precautions cannot be ignored!

Many beauty seekers are troubled by the thick hair on their legs or face. Especially when summer comes, they dare not wear their favorite beautiful skirt to go out.

In order to reduce hair, depilation cream or knife scraping are often used for depilation. Although the effect is fast, it also has great disadvantages. The pores are larger and larger, and the hair is longer and faster.

How can we do effective hair removal? Freezing depilation can help you very well.

What is freezing point depilation:

Freezing point depilation is to destroy hair follicle tissue by laser and make it lose the function of regenerating hair. There will be slight tingling, but it is acceptable.

Whether freezing point depilation can permanently depilate:

Freezing point depilation can achieve this effect, but it usually needs 3-5 times of treatment, because hair growth goes through growth period, degenerative period and resting period

Laser hair removal is 75% effective in the growing period, 25% effective in the degenerative period, and almost ineffective in the resting period. Only after the hair turns into growth period can the laser work. Therefore, laser hair removal needs many times to have obvious effect. Based on the different growth cycles of different parts, the interval of each treatment is also different. If the hair of the head has a relatively short rest period, the interval can be as short as 1 month, and the rest period of the hair of the trunk and limbs is relatively long, so the hair removal interval should be 2 months.

Precautions after freezing point depilation

  1. Before depilation, shave the hair of the treatment part, clean the part and remove grease and dirt;
  2. Select appropriate treatment parameters according to different people, different skin properties and pain tolerance;
  3. After hair removal, apply cold compress to the treatment site immediately for 15 to 30 minutes, which can reduce or reduce the adverse reactions after treatment.
  4. After depilation, do not wash with too hot water or alkaline shower gel.

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