How does it grow after freezing point depilation? Freezing point depilation prevents hair regeneration

Depilation is a necessary physical care work for girls in summer. Now there are many depilation methods on the market. Freezing depilation is a very common depilation operation. Many people are eager to do freezing depilation. What if it grows after freezing depilation? Freezing point depilation is a method to prevent hair regeneration.

What if it grows again after freezing point depilation

If the hair grows again after point depilation, generally this new hair is young and fine hair, which is not obvious. If the hair grows thick again, you can perform another freezing point depilation operation, and you can see a significant effect, with less or almost no hair.

If you want to stop growing after freezing point depilation, you should choose a regular medical institution to treat it effectively for many times according to the phenomenon of hair growth, so that the hair follicle can be completely destroyed, and repeated several times will not cause damage to the skin. In addition, you must pay attention to scientific and healthy nursing after operation, and pay attention to sunscreen, so as to maintain the effect of freezing point depilation and prevent hair from growing again. In general, even if there is any longer hair after depilation, it is rare and soft hair, which will not affect the beauty.

How long is the interval between the first and second depilation

Generally speaking, it is suggested that the interval between the first freezing point depilation and the second freezing point depilation is 4 weeks, that is, one month, because the first freezing point depilation can not completely remove the body hair, but will leave some very short and shallow small hairs. These hairs are in the growth stage, which is more difficult to remove than the mature body hair. After one month, The small fluff left by the first freezing point depilation grows up. At this time, it is more thoroughly removed by freezing point depilation. Some people have different physical conditions and different intervals, so they need to do freezing point depilation under the guidance of professional doctors and according to their suggestions.

Does super freezing hair removal hurt

Super freezing point depilation is the least painful way in medical depilation instrument at present, because the core technology of super freezing point depilation is a revolutionary innovative technology. It has patented double pulse technology, patented sapphire probe and patented synchronous cooling technology. Third, let the super freezing point hair removal become the hair removal method with the lowest pain feeling, which can also make the hair removal experience of beauty seekers very nice.

Freezing point depilation process

Step 1: first, carry out a simple hair removal step, that is, shaving, which is also known as “skin preparation” in the mouth of professionals. It is mainly to remove the most basic surface hair, so that the laser can effectively act on the root of hair.

Step 2: start laser freezing point hair removal. Depilation takes 30-90 minutes. The specific treatment time depends on the growth degree of each person’s hair.

Step 3: wipe the latex and apply anti-inflammatory ointment. The ointment used to assist the freezing point depilator can no longer be used. After wiping the latex, the skin will appear smooth.