Girls, look! You must understand the advantages and disadvantages of hair removal!

Hair removal method in summer

1、 Depilatory cream. This is the most common way of depilation. The operation is relatively simple. It has an effect on thin and soft hair. As long as the depilatory cream is applied to the skin where the hair grows, stay for 10 ~ 15 minutes, and scrape it together with the hair before the depilatory cream is completely dried.

Advantages: simple, labor-saving, painless, and the regrowth hair will be softer than after depilation with a razor.

Disadvantages: the duration is not long. It will grow again in about three days. Depilatory cream contains chemical components, which can stimulate the skin. Frequent use or sensitive skin will cause redness, swelling, allergy and even rash.

Application parts: armpits, arms and legs.

2、 Hair removal knife. Hair removal is used for hair removal. It is suitable for hair types which are relatively coarse and can not be completely removed by depilatory cream and beeswax. Do not directly contact the skin. After depilatory knives are used, apply the depilatory cream or hair removal foam to the skin and scrape it off with a hair removal knife.

Advantages: convenient, fast and painless.

Disadvantages: very short duration.

Applicable parts: armpits, arms and legs.

3、 Laser hair removal. Laser hair removal is a method that can keep hair from growing for a long time, but it can only be maintained for a considerable period of time after at least 5 ~ 10 times. Compared with other hair removal methods, the cost of laser hair removal is higher, and skin care must be taken after hair removal.

Applicable parts: the darker the hair, the more obvious the effect. The effect of armpit, arm and leg is good, and the effect of female lip hair is general.

The degree of laser pain is lighter than that of people.

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