Is exercise through electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) really useful?

  As the weather gets hotter, weight loss has become a top priority for girls. But we all know how to lose weight, but we also know how difficult it is to implement it. As a result, some manufacturers began to launch a product called “Let you sit while exercising”, fitness stickers. It must be said that laziness is the primary productive force.

  So is this fitness sticker useful? Let’s talk slowly.

  First of all, most of the fitness stickers on the market use electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) technology, that is, electronic muscle simulation and muscle electrical pulse stimulation. In traditional physical exercise methods, muscle contraction and movement are completed by the central nervous system through the transmission of bioelectric signals to control the muscles. Is it hard to understand? Simply put, your brain makes your muscles move so that you can move.

  Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) technology simulates the bioelectric signals sent by the brain, and transmits low-frequency pulse currents of signal level to the motor nerve endings through the sweat glands, thereby achieving the purpose of “deceiving” the brain, but the brain thinks you are moving and drives Muscle movement. By adjusting the frequency and intensity of the pulse current, and spending some time to adjust the intensity, time and regularity of muscle contraction, muscle strength can be exercised, and fat and shape can be reduced.

  So, can this technology really build muscles?

  As a matter of fact, as early as 1998, “Journal of Beijing Sport University” published a research document, in the “Research on Special Strength Training of Chinese Gymnastic Team Athletes Using Muscle Electrical Stimulation”, it was shown that conventional training methods combined with electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) training can effectively improve muscle circumference and muscle strength.

  This shows that electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) technology has a certain auxiliary effect in muscle training, so girls who want to be thin but don’t want to exercise can try to buy products equipped with electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) technology to assist you in exercising.

  However, there are so many electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) fitness stickers on the market, how to avoid stepping on thunder? The following products can be recommended for you to try.

  Lejia electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) leg massager, many girls lose weight for thin legs, and this product is a product that allows you to sit and thin your legs.

  Using electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) bionic micro-current technology, a closed current loop is formed between the legs through micro-current, which simulates the brain sending nerve signals to the muscles, causing the muscles to contract and relax rhythmically, and play a role in training the leg muscles. Thereby, the curve of the legs is lifted and the slender legs are shaped.

  Under the stimulation of micro current, muscles can naturally produce morphine to relieve muscle fatigue. Therefore, it is also a good choice to ask it to relax your legs after shopping or work. There are 10 gears with adjustable intensity, which can be selected according to your own adaptability.

  The EVA base can be folded and stored, and it can be folded into a bag after removing the main unit. The host’s USB charging design, a single charge can meet 7 days of daily use, and you don’t have to worry about power failure when you travel with it.

  Smart sensor protection, the foot pad will be energized only when your foot is put on, and any foot away from the foot pad will trigger the power-off protection to prevent the body from being stimulated when accidentally touched. It can be said that technology has changed the way people live and exercise. It used to be a fantasy of “slimming legs while sitting”, but now it has become a reality. If you want to try this lazy and thin method, you might as well try it.

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