Do you want to know the operation method of laser hair removal?

The operation methods of laser hair removal are as follows. Laser hair removal mainly targets the melanin in the hair follicle. The laser destroys the pigment and destroys the whole hair follicle. Therefore, laser hair removal is mainly aimed at the darker and thicker hair, such as axillary hair. The operation process is as follows:

First, the skin shall be tested first, and then the cleanliness of the skin at the depilation shall be maintained.

Second. Evenly smear the gel on the skin of the treatment area, then use the laser instrument to remove hair completely and quickly for 5-10 minutes.

Third, apply the depilated part with an ice bag for 10-15 minutes.

Because the hair has different periods, such as growth period, resting period and degenerative period, laser hair removal is only effective for the hair in the growth period. Generally, it needs 4-6 times of laser treatment at an interval of 4-6 weeks to achieve satisfactory results. Laser hair removal is affected by many factors, such as hair location, skin and hair color, hair growth stage, laser type and treatment plan. In addition, the treatment cost of laser hair removal is relatively high. If laser hair removal is selected, it is recommended to find a qualified medical institution in a regular hospital for treatment.

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