Do you know about laser hair removal?

Is depilation safe? Will it cause body odor? Will it affect perspiration?

Hair removal laser is very safe. The product has been certified by FDA, CE safety certification in Europe, SFDA and other authorities of the U.S. Food and drug administration.

Moreover, because the laser only works on specific target tissues, the sebaceous glands and sweat glands do not contain melanin. Because they do not absorb the energy of the laser, they remain intact and will not cause blockage of sweat glands, poor perspiration, and body odor!

Why should depilation be carried out several times?

The growth of hair should go through three stages: growth period, degenerative period and resting period. Melanin exists in hair follicles during growth, and laser can destroy hair follicles at this stage; There was less melanin in hair follicles in degenerative stage, and the damage effect of laser on hair follicles was weak; There is almost no melanin in hair follicles at rest, and laser has no effect on it. Laser depilation can achieve permanent depilation only by removing the hair at each stage. Therefore, depilation should be carried out several times, usually once every 1-2 months.

Is painless depilation permanent?

Permanent depilation, the foreign standard is that if a depilation method does not have obvious hair growth for a long time (such as 1-2 years) after treatment, then this depilation treatment method belongs to permanent depilation method. For us yellow people, freezing point ™ Depilation can be regarded as “permanent”, and the hair basically no longer grows after treatment.

“Freezing point ™” Where is laser depilation applicable?

As the freezing point of the third generation semiconductor laser hair removal technology ™ Painless depilation. The unique patented technology can easily deal with dark skin and small light hair. Hair can be removed from all areas of the body, including lip hair, cheeks, hairline, armpit hair, chest and abdomen, arms, back, bikini line and legs.

“Freezing point ™” What kind of skin and hair color does it apply to?

freezing point ™ The selectivity of depilation laser to skin color is not very strong. It can depilate well regardless of the depth of skin color. When depilating skin with deep skin color, pay attention to better sunscreen and good cooling, and protect the epidermis. Compared with traditional depilation laser, use freezing point ™ The effect of painless hair removal and laser removal of fine hair or light hair is better.

“Freezing point ™” In what season should depilation be carried out?

“Freezing point ™” Depilation can be carried out in four seasons. Choosing different seasons for depilation has its own advantages. In spring and summer, we can soon see the results of depilation, which makes Melinda people full of confidence; in autumn and winter, it is convenient for sunscreen and do enough homework for the coming year. All seasons of the year are beautiful seasons. You can reasonably arrange depilation time according to your own time!

Can men depilate?

Men with more beards often shave, which can easily scratch the face, causing inflammation, redness and swelling, and even leading to folliculitis and acne. Some men also have eczema due to too thick body hair, especially in hot summer, the problem will be more serious due to the increase of perspiration. Some men who are more demanding on themselves will remove excess hair on their upper arms, legs, chest and back.

To get rid of the troubles permanently and no longer be troubled by the skin problems caused by excess hair, men can also try freezing point laser permanent hair removal!

What are the precautions before and after treatment?

Pay attention to sunscreen one month before treatment; do not do depilation, depilation cream depilation or electrolytic depilation two weeks before treatment; avoid chemical or mechanical stimulation two days before and after treatment; do not use fillings or other injections for interventional treatment two weeks before and after treatment.

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