Do permanent depilation should pay attention to what do permanent depilation taboo

There is a saying that the so-called “one white covers three ugliness, and more hair destroys all”. It can be seen that the importance of hair removal. Many female friends often depilate, especially in summer. Everyone wants a smooth and delicate skin. What should we pay attention to when doing permanent hair removal? Taboo of permanent hair removal.

What should you pay attention to when doing permanent depilation

Strengthen sunscreen before and after operation. Strengthen sunscreen before and after permanent hair removal. Sunscreen before hair removal is to prevent sunburn. The purpose of sunscreen after operation is to prevent the skin from blackening due to the loss of sunscreen protection of hair. Generally, we recommend reducing going out within a week after permanent hair removal. If you need to go out, you should apply sunscreen or use a sun umbrella under the guidance of a doctor to avoid exposing the permanent hair removal area to the sun.

Abandoning the use of other hair removal tools and overlapping hair removal tools will not have a dual hair removal effect, but will make your skin sensitive. Therefore, stop using hair removal cream, hair removal cream and other hair removal products before permanent hair removal.

Correct cleaning method after permanent depilation, if you need to take a bath, avoid scrubbing with too hot water. In addition, avoid using products containing scrub, alcohol and other ingredients to clean the depilated skin. Because too hot water and irritating products are easy to cause allergies and discomfort for depilated skin.

Who is suitable for freezing point depilation

  1. Freezing point depilation is suitable for people with thin and shallow hair, people over the age of 18 and without scar constitution, because the hair growth cycle of such people has stabilized, so freezing point depilation will have a better effect.
  2. Recently, I haven’t received sun exposure or tanned skin, because depilation with freezing point after exposure is easy to lead to blackening.
  3. Hirsutism caused by the disorder of its own endocrine system (generally excessive androgen secretion) is suitable for freezing point depilation.
  4. Hirsutism caused by heredity or race is suitable for freezing point depilation.

Why do you need to shave before freezing point depilation

Ensure the effect of freezing point depilation. In order to ensure the effect of freezing point depilation, shave before freezing point depilation. Shaving is to continue to twist and simply scrape the hair on the surface of the skin, which is conducive to the laser of freezing point hair removal to conduct hair follicles more deeply and produce effective hair removal.

Prevent skin from being heated and burned. One important reason is that shaving can prevent skin from being heated and burned before operating freezing point depilation, because freezing point depilation converts light energy into heat energy to destroy hair follicles and achieve depilation effect, while dark epidermal hair will absorb more light and become hotter under the same light. If you treat it directly without shaving before depilation at the freezing point, the black close hair will also absorb light, which will also convert into more heat and burn your skin.

Tips on preparation before freezing point depilation

Confirm that the skin is free of injury and swelling. Before freezing point depilation, confirm that the skin is free of injury, swelling and other symptoms. If the skin is put on freezing point depilation, it will cause skin damage. If there is injury in the depilation area, please consult the treatment doctor before performing freezing depilation.

Do not expose the skin to freezing point before depilation. Do not expose the skin to freezing point two weeks before depilation, because if the exposed skin is depilated with freezing point laser, it may burn the skin and make the skin inflamed and blistered. Therefore, for the health of skin before depilation, beauty lovers need to reduce outdoor activities in sunny days and avoid exposure to the sun.

Without using other methods, beauty lovers should pay attention to not using any method for hair removal within two weeks before treatment, because multiple hair removal methods will weaken the cuticle barrier of the skin, make the skin sensitive, and even lead to the failure of ice point hair removal treatment.

Do not use cosmetics. Fairies who love beauty should not use cosmetics before freezing point hair removal, because cosmetics contain pigments and powder substances. If they make up before freezing point hair removal, it is likely to cause skin redness, swelling and allergy.

The shower should be kept clean, and the body should be cleaned and bathed before depilation to ensure local skin hygiene and reduce the infection of depilation area due to uncleanness.