CO2 dot matrix laser treatment instrument

  CO2 dot matrix laser treatment instrument, a new generation of laser skin resurfacing system, at the same time with super pulse and laser scanning output function, can quickly and accurately perform various fine laser surgery, especially suitable for human body plastic surgery and facial cosmetic surgery. The system is equipped with a high-speed graphics scanner that can scan and output graphics of different shapes, and can provide personalized treatment plans according to the needs of different patients.

  One.Working principleedit

  The laser is emitted in a scanning lattice method to form a burning area composed of laser action lattices and intervals on the epidermis. Each laser action point is composed of a single or several high-energy laser pulses, which can penetrate directly to the dermis in an instant It vaporizes the tissues in wrinkles or scars and stimulates the proliferation of collagen, which in turn initiates a series of skin reactions such as tissue repair and collagen rearrangement. Under the action of the laser, collagen fibers shrink by about one-third, small wrinkles are flattened, deep wrinkles become shallower and thinner, and the skin becomes firm and shiny.

  Two.Edition of functional characteristics

  1, non-carbonized resection and vaporized tissue

  2, collagen proliferation, the skin can maintain the therapeutic effect for a long time

  3. Single-film laser and dot matrix pattern scanning generator work together, using ultra-pulse technology, higher surgical accuracy, shorter treatment time, less thermal damage, smaller wound area, and extremely fast healing

  4, man-machine interface, easy to operate and learn

  5, equipment failure self-check, modular components, easy to maintain

  Three. product advantagesedit

  1. It can quickly improve skin texture, tighten skin, improve pores, and make skin smooth and tender like water! This technology is the perfect clinical combination of multiple modes of the Boai Laser Beauty Department, and the world’s leading wrinkle-removing and skin-rejuvenating technology.

  2. Lesson learnt Ultra-pulse fractional laser improves laser beauty to a new level. Doctors can use its unique functions, artistic comprehensive treatment, one treatment can meet the unique body shape, contour and beauty needs of beauty lovers.

  3. Ultra-pulse micro-bridge fractional laser makes up for the lack of treatment technology that takes a long time in the recovery period, and caters to the specific requirements of each patient.

  4. The use of a single artistic comprehensive treatment can more accurately control the clinical and cosmetic effects, the results obtained are more significant and precise, and the recovery time is shorter.

  5. It can effectively avoid side effects such as heat damage and promote skin healing.

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