Can laser hair removal be done only once? What are the precautions after laser hair removal?

The season of spring and summer is coming. Young women can’t wait to take off their winter clothes and put on beautiful skirts. However, the exuberant or hairy body makes many young women shy away from beautiful skirts and suspenders. Therefore, laser hair removal in major hospitals and beauty salons has become a “blessing land”, and spring hair removal has also become a prelude to beautiful skirts in summer.


Although body hair is an accessory organ of normal human skin, and there are great individual differences in whether the body hair is thick or not, the abnormal increase of body hair is sometimes the external manifestation of some endocrine and reproductive system diseases, so more body hair can not really “take it off”. Therefore, for girls with strong body hair, wearing less must be “dying in light”. In June, the topic of “hair removal” can not be avoided.

As a new skill of soft girls – laser hair removal, it can remove all body hair, so it has become a new favorite of girls. Can laser remove all body hair at one time?

The growth cycle of hair is not only the growth period, but also the degradation period and dormancy period. These three cycles of hair also exist together. So, here comes the problem! Dormant hair follicles are very small, with less melanin, not enough “abdominal black”. In this case, there is no Luan use of laser at all!

Therefore, if the girls want to take off their hair and shave, they need to do laser hair removal every four to eight weeks when part of the dormant hair returns to the growth period. After laser hair removal for more than 3-5 times, the girls can take off all their body hair and no longer grow.

However, girls should pay attention to maintenance every time they finish laser hair removal!

  1. Be sure to do a good job of sunscreen on the depilated part, otherwise it will cause pigmentation, scars and other high-energy things, and even the risk of returning to black. Sunscreen and sunshade can’t fall down;
  2. After depilation, the depilated part may produce slight redness and swelling, skin sensitivity and hot or itchy feeling, which are normal phenomena. If you feel pain, girls can apply ice to reduce the pain;
  3. Note that the depilated part should not be scalded with hot water or scrubbed with force.