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A collection of hair removal methods is always suitable for you!

“Hairy star people” have been troubled by hair removal. I don’t know which method is directly effective. There are many ways to remove hair, and one is always suitable for you.


  1. Physical hair removal

Common ones are household hand-held hair removal knife, portable hair removal knife, tweezers, etc. Although the shaving knife is economical and practical, it is easy to scratch the skin, and it has to be scraped every three or several days. Short time shaving will stimulate hair follicle hyperplasia and hypertrophy, and the longer and thicker the hair will be.

In addition, in order to avoid scraping more and more densely, some people are used to plucking, which is painful, and it is very easy to damage hair follicles and cause folliculitis.

  1. Depilation cream depilation

Although depilation cream / depilation wax paper depilation avoids the pain of skin and meat, the ingredients of depilation cream will stimulate the skin, which is easy to cause irritating contact dermatitis, and it is not suitable for people with sensitive skin.

  1. Laser hair removal

The laser hair removal of the current fire to understand! Using a specific wavelength of laser, the hair follicle can specifically absorb energy and transfer the heat damage to the dermal papilla, resulting in the “root removal” of hair. At present, with the improvement of technology, laser hair removal has achieved painless and long-term hair removal effect. Therefore, in comparison, laser hair removal is safe, non-invasive and lasting, which is worthy of recommendation!

Laser Hair Removal Tips

① How often do laser hair removal?

Once a month, about 3-5 times. After treatment, you can take a bath without rest.

② How about the effect of laser hair removal?

The clearance rate is about 90% – 95%. Thick hair can almost be eradicated for a long time, and the remaining hair is thin.

③ How to care after laser hair removal?

Immediately apply cold compress for 20-30 minutes and completely cool down; Can take a shower, not a bath or sauna; Do not expose to the sun. Be sure to apply sunscreen (SPF > 30, PA > + +).